Pallet Dismantling Machines

Pallet Dismantling Machines

When wooden shipping pallets break or need repair or outlive their usefulness they can be hard to dispose off but our next item makes the process a whole lot easier it’s specifically designed to soar through nails and separate the wooden blocks and planks allowing the salvaged pieces to be reused while sending the scrap wood to a chipper with its powerful bandsaw this pallet dismantling machine slices through the nails that fasten the pallets wooden blocks to its planks the machines body panels are made of steel sheets a computer-guided laser cutter cuts them to the required.

Shape then operatives bend the ends on a press break to make edges with perfectly formed corners once shaped the panel parts are sent off to be painted the structure of the machine is made from heavy-duty steel tubes after cutting them to the required length the teams smooth the rough edges with a hand grinder they mark why they have to make openings for various parts and drill the holes the tubes are then welded together to assemble the structure the surface is cleaned with acid to remove any traces of lubricant and the structure is painted before the mechanical.

Parts are assembled the team bolt on a plate to support the machine’s electric motor then on each side a wheel is installed next the team installed the motor reducer to that they bolt the machines 2800 rpm motor the motor reducer controls the engine speed to provide the exact amount needed by the saw just above the tires on both sides a blade guide is bolted to the structure the team installs the front of the machine shell and lowers the machines heavy steel work table into place then the bandsaw blade comes in it has a safety cover fitted over its sharp teeth which won’t be removed until the machine is operational on each side of the work table operatives align the blade with the tire and insert it between the wheels of the blade guide a bolt can be turned to adjust the blades tension the blade is steel with carbide tips for added strength it’s also wear resistant the tire and blade guides are then enclosed in the side.

Sections of the machine shell the team then installed two pneumatic cylinders for raising and lowering a safety cage that goes over the work table to protect the machine operator next another pneumatic cylinder is added this one is at the rear for the machines guide on the guide arm helps move the pallet around while the machines bandsaw blade cuts it apart the team installed the safety cage over the worktable then hook up the cables that feed compressed air to the pneumatic cylinders another safety cage is installed over the back of the machine then a pressure regulator for pneumatic cylinders is added the machines control panel is mounted on the shell it’s wired to the engine a pneumatic system as well as a set of foot pedals that move the table up and down and another pedal that moves the guy down the team also installed an emergency stop cord along the front of the machine one pull and the machine immediately shuts down the operator now tests the beast by placing a pallet on the work table lowering the safety cage and letting her rip with a foot pedal he moves the arm to the right and the Machine.

Slices through the steel nails like butter it’s ready to be let loose on pallets that have seen better days coming up cupcakes we’re cooking up a storm and seamless stainless steel tubes as we seamlessly go to a break.